In a super-secret midnight run to the Bahama's, Jewel and beau of 10 years Ty Murray scuttled off and got married.  In attendance were two guests, aside from Jewel and Ty.  At the wedding were Jewel's former keyboard player, Jason Freese, and Jason's wife.  Jason is an ordained minister, having received his credentials online. 

Jewel walked and met Ty on the beach to Otis Reddings' "I've Been Loving You Too Long."  They exchanged handwritten vows.  As a special gift to the eloping couple, the resort covered the sky in fireworks just as the vows were completed. 

I wish I could have been the third guest present.  Personally I think they make a great couple, and after 10 years of living together, I think there are few doubts remaining as to their ability to be compatible with one another and make a marriage that will last.  The couple will continue to live on their ranch that they own in Texas where they have lived already.