Jewel: Take a look at country's newest chanteuse

If you haven't taken the time to either download and listen, or to go and buy Jewel's newest album Perfectly Clear then you are missing out on something very special and some of the purest country music available today in mainstream country.  Right now Jewel is on the second single from the album with the song "I Do" now working its way up the charts on country radio.  I sat down with Jewel recently just prior to the album release and asked her about the creative process involved.  Jewel indicated to me that the album is a work entirely of her own making, with help from now legendary, controversial singer/songwriter/producer/tv star, John Rich.  She made the album and took it to her label who promptly rejected the album, and her.  Jewel and her label argued back and forth and Atlantic records told her that if she persisted with this album, that she would have to do it without them.  This is exactly what she did.  Taking the leap of faith, Jewel lit out on her own.  After having many discussions with labels who wanted the album to be less country, or more country, or less Jewel-ish, she found Scott Borchetta who told her not to change a thing.  At the time, Scott was making plans for a sister label to his existing Big Machine Records, a nashville independent home to Taylor Swift, Trisha Yearwood, among others.  Valory Music Company was founded, and Jewel was the star in the crown.  Her album was released to a number 1 debut, and sold 48,000 units in the first week.  It's the first album on the Valory Music Company label, and the first country album for Jewel.  She certainly has found a new home, and fans and listeners have welcomed her with open arms.  I, for one, am extremely happy that one of my most favored artists has found her way to country music.  Let's keep her :))